To the Heart of the Matter, Paris Poetry Style

The Core

Come in
This far, right here
no farther
you think you know?
this be the bathwater
not the baby
peel off layers, you will get
nothing but a mess on the floor
this part, this heart
this tiny place, unknowable
mine, I keep it
Scrape the outside raw
you ain’t touching it, you couldn’t
not in a million tries
a million lies
no kryptonite here
no magic dagger to pierce
no map.
disconnected, unplugged, off
the grid
All you get
a glimpse, a peek, a hint
like a stream
direction changes
but the water still flows where it will

Copyright 2013 by Dee Martin, reprinted by permission

About this Paris Poet Society Member, in her very own words:  

My family and I transplanted to Paris nearly twenty years ago. Paris has given us friends, a quiet place to raise children and often small surprises like the Paris Poets Society - a great group of talented creative people that it has been my honor to get to know.

Six years ago my husband became ill and a friend helped me set up a blog so that I could update family and friends during his stays at the hospital. I still post personal journal entries there from time to time, but for the last few years I have posted short fiction pieces and poetry. Lately my muse has been on walkabout so I visit Tommy Stone on facebook and his beautiful photographs sing me a song and I write down the words.

You can visit me at

Thank you Sydney for graciously sharing your blogging home!

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Thank you, Dee -- really needed that poem tonight, just love it!  Sydney 

Additional Note from Syd:  I am dedicating most of my posts to Poetry this month.  To see why read:   February, Paris Poet Society Style

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Dee Martin said…
Thank you so much for dedicating posts to The Paris Poets Society this month. What a great lead in to National Poetry Month.

I'm so glad you like The Core - it is a favorite of mine too.

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