For the Love of Theatre, Paris Poet Society Style

The Life of a Play

We stand, silhouetted, 
against the backdrop 
of life.

 Holding hands in the dark, 
but with eyes 
of strife and madness.
 The lights come up, 
and with all 
our might.
 We’ll show 
our chemistry, 
the night.

 Our play is performed 
and the crowd
doth jeer.
 And left 
with a sense 
of what’s right 
what’s wrong,
They wonder, a while,
About why 
they are here.

 The show 
is over 
and the costumes 
And we leave 
with a love 
than cannot 
We revel in this world 
of beauty 
and light.
This we will remember, 
from our time 
on this stage of our life.

Spencer Sansom

Copyright 2013, Spencer Sansom 

About this Paris Poet Society Member:

One of the newest members of the Paris Poet Society is Spencer Sansom (far left) who is a senior at a local high school, and who has many interests, not the least of these being  theater and writing.     

Note by Syd:  As you can see, Paris Texas has a particularly unique theater /arts environment.   I will soon post information on the upcoming PCT theater season so that you will all know what you have to look forward to and so that you can make your plans to turn off your TV and come be engaged.

Additional Note from Syd:  I am dedicating most of my posts to Poetry this month.  To see why read:   February, Paris Poet Society Style

More such posts:   Hands, Paris Poet Society Style

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Dee Martin said…
what a beautiful way to capture what I can only imagine are the feelings one would have after putting so much of themselves on a stage for others to see, and the metaphor for life...lovely.
Sydney Young said…
I agree, Dee, it really is the way it feels, I think from both points of view.

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