Homesick, Paris Poet Society style

Paris Poet society member Sherry Scott loves Naomi Shihab Nye and thought of her when I started with Alice Walker- they are personal friends and are activists on some of the same issues. She is a Palestinean-American who resides in San Antonio, where Sherry first met her. She is a very accomplished poet who has written or edited 30 books and has been a recipient of many awards and several fellowships. She is an integral part of the poetry festival that happens at Festival Hill in Roundtop, Texas every spring. This poem is taken from her book Transfer, published in 2011; the book  was written in memory of her father.

Our father
who was always our father
not always our father
not always
once a confident schoolboy
strolling Jerusalem streets
He knew the alleyways
spoke to stones
All his life he would pick up stones
and pocket them
On some he drew
What do we say in the wake of one
who was always homesick?
Are you home now?
Is Palestine peaceful in some dimension
we can't see?
Do Jews and Arabs share the table?
Is holy in the middle?

Note from Syd:  I am dedicating most of my posts to Poetry this month.  

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Dee Martin said…
I love this poem. The sad yearning for answers - though she is speaking in particulars, the emotion speaks to all who wonder why there is so much war, so much hate...

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