Hands, Paris Poet Society Style


I would study her aged hands

And dream of the time

When mine would be so veined
                                    Sharda Brody Paris, TX



And it was my father's hands

which confronted me

I dreamed of a time

When my hands were my own.

                        Tommy Stone Paris, TX

Copyright 2013 Sharda Brody / Copyright 2013 Tommy Stone / Published with permission 

About these Paris Poet Society Members:

Sharda Brody:

Sharda grew up on a southern Indiana farm where she spent much of her time alone in the woods or in the company of her grandfather, a self-styled mystic and lover of the great poets; along with the family's hired hand, an expert woodsman.  It is to these two patriarchs she gives credit for her love of nature and a particularly vivid imagination.

She now lives in a small town in east Texas where she gives private music lessons in piano and beginning guitar.  Besides poetry, she also writes songs and short stories.

 Tommy Stone:

Tommy lives in the greater Paris area, just outside Biardstown with 4 dogs and 2 cats.  He is currently working on creating a line of stationery based upon his photography and poetry, and is a resident artist with The Creative Arts Center in Bonham.  Tommy also sings with Paris Community Choir.  Word is that he makes a heck of a coconut pie! 

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Kristi Young said…
In response to Hands:


When I was Chained

I numbed despair and isolation
as fear of my own mortality
arose from the closet of my soul
a flicker of hope ignited
the former girl I once loved

Kristi Young
Paris, TX
Dee Martin said…
I love the response in the comments :) Very special poetry from very special people!

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