A little bit about Syd - A Room of One's Own Meets The Magnolia Story

I haven't talked about me in a long time, so here is a little bit of my heart and soul for you. 

This is my new Mom cave.  Such a great, comfy library and writing and singing and rehearsing and reading spot. 

Perfect for me.  A Room of My Own, Finally!  

Ok, yes, I know.  It is clearly not just my room, but we have learned that wherever Mom goes, all her babies will go, too, so that is why I am calling this my Mom Cave.  It is nice and cozy, but still plenty of room for all of us.  And yes, I do spoil them.  Gus (the weanie dog) absolutely loves his little stairs. As do I, trust me on this. 

Ok, here is what this pitiful little room looked like before the great bookshelf makeover.  I just couldn't get it to make sense, so I used it a bit, but didn't really love being in it.

This picture doesn't really tell the truth, because it doesn't show the book piles everywhere.  Anyway, we decided to put in another much needed bookshelf, and I was able to tell Juan Torres, with the help of Paull, exactly what I wanted, including my handy little hide away laptop desk.

Here it is before I got books in it.  A real Game Changer.

When I designed the bookshelves, I had just finished reading "The Magnolia Story" by Chip and Joanna Gaines, which was lovely.  Their spirits just lift you up. 

The Magnolia StoryI had no intention of listening to it in one sitting, but I couldn't help myself, it was too good to stop, and it was short.  Maybe some of their talent rubbed off on me, because I do not consider myself a good designer.  Or rather, maybe I should thank Paull and Juan for such a well executed plan.

(Highly recommend you read this book, even if just for a little inspiration.  This couple can certainly deliver).  

Here is Juan's card, in case you have a need. 

So I'm calling this the "Move Over Fixer-Upper I Have a Mom Cave."  Or, just Mom Cave for short.  But don't worry, Gaines Power Duo, I'm sticking to what I do best, which is not Fixer-Upper, except just maybe in this one instance.   

When you think of me writing, you can definitely think of me in this happy place.  (Or singing, or rehearsing, or reading).

After all, a woman simply must have A Room of One's Own. 

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M Nabors said…
I love your space! it is perfection! I can picture you curled up with Gus enjoying hours of me time! Love it so much!
Unknown said…
Ah thank you! Gus does Love it, too! Very blessed. Hope you are doing well. 😊
Kristine said…
Such a beautiful space -- I have serious space envy. I have a space, but it's not warm or cozy or organized. . . I am glad you have a happy place!
Unknown said…
Oh, I love it!! Looks cozy ,and very inviting!! Enjoy!
Sydney Young said…
Thank you, ladies!

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