Paris mayor featured in NY Times article - News

Paris mayor featured in NY Times article - News: Paris Mayor A.J. Hashmi is the subject of a New York Times article published today.

-- This was a very interesting read for me.  Yes, I found myself bristling, but also realize that the "Southern slams" are what sells in New York, and when you get down to it this article is somewhat on track.  I can't link to the New York Times, so am just linking here. 


ro_zinga said…
Saying that ""Southern slams" are what sell in New York," seems as divisive as the description of Paris, TX in the article. I don't think NY can't be painted in broad generalizations anymore than Paris can. Just my opinion, of course. (And I love ya, Sydney! I hate that vocal tone doesn't carry online. I'm saying this in a friendly tone, I promise!)
Sydney Young said…
Hi Robin! Isn't "Southern Slams" a literary term? (Lol!) Ok, probably not, but I am sure there is a term for it, because I do think it sells and not just in New York.

The article was written in a sensational tone, helping it sell or be published, but also hurting its credibility. But I do like the point the author makes about Dr. Hashmi and his willingness to help our fair city, in addition to his busy schedule as a respected heart doctor, and I like how the article shows that Paris is an accepting and open place. Be sure to look at my "Paris, Texas style" blogs to see another side of the story of Paris, Texas.
Sydney Young said…
As a side note to this, you all may be interested to note that my clients are all singing Dr. Hashmi's praises. The citizens have embraced the new Mayor!

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