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The End of the AffairThe End of the Affair by Graham Greene

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Colin Firth. Need I say more? As a narrator, he brings incredible depth to a book that explores life, death, love and faith. This book is a prime example of the reason that classics are classics. Few writers can take such a deep subject and have something new to express about it, while still allowing the reader to make up her own mind.

This book begins with the end and goes backwards, forwards and in between. This book begins with hate, anger, and jealousy, and ends in forgiveness, love and hope. Here are a few good quotes:

Maurice Bendrix: "Love had turned into "love affair" with a begining and an end.”

* * *
Sarah: Love doesn't end, just because we don't see each other.
Maurice Bendrix: Doesn't it?
Sarah: People go on loving God, don't they? All their lives. Without seeing him.
Maurice Bendrix: That's not my kind of love.
Sarah: Maybe there is no other kind.

* * *
Maurice Bendrix: You have to understand. I'm jealous of everything that moves. I'm jealous of the rain!

* * *

One can't read classics all of the time. They are too deep. But they are good to read every once in a while so a good goal to try is to read a classic once a year. Because they are so deep, they are very fulfilling and they are great brain fodder. If you want to read at least one classic a year, I highly suggest this book, by way of the Colin Firth audible rendition.

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