The Adventures of Miss Vulpe, by Maria Elena Sandovici *Review* Lone Star Book Blog Tours

A Coming of Age Story for Adults
Genre: Contemporary / Women’s Fiction / Coming of Age
Date of Publication: April 7, 2017
Number of Pages: 160

Ana Petrescu (aka Miss Vulpe) is a troubled teenager determined to solve the mystery of her parents' double suicide. Escaping the scrutiny of her legal guardian and the unwanted interference of several therapists, she starts looking up people from her mother's past. Her sleuthing requires her to lie about her identity, her age, and her lack of experience with men. While impersonating Miss Vulpe is more fun than going to school, there's bound to be trouble and heartache when her web of lies unravels.

Maria Elena Sandovici lives in Houston with her dog. She travels to Bucharest often and also to Spain, but her favorite trip remains 45 South to Galveston. She has an art studio at Hardy and Nance in the Warehouse District, open the third Saturday of every month, blogs daily at, and writes poetry in the voice of her dog. She is also the author of three previous novels about women who are struggling with finding their place in the world.

This fascinating novella is a one-of-a-kind page turner. While sly Ana, Miss Vulpe, searches for the answers to her mother's mysterious death, we are like voyeurs reliving our own European summers or, at the very least, the dream of one. This book felt very much like a young woman's fantasy, even while it isn't sewn up neatly in the end (which is perfect).  Ana, or Miss Vulpe, is full of surprise, and lucky for us, she is surrounded by very interesting people (both alive and dead).  Who, exactly, are these people and how in the world did they come to be together in Bucharest?
I think most of the bloggers on this tour sat down and read this book all in one sitting, and so did I, though I didn't initially plan to do that.  I would suggest that you do make that plan.  It is slim and can easily be taken to the beach for a fantastic beach read in a day, or saved for a Saturday morning, or a slow Friday night. Once you get into the story, you will want to know the outcome, while you shake your head in wonder at the whimsy of Miss Vulpe's world and how she goes about solving the puzzle.
Note: This is not a Big Five publisher, so the book layout is not perfect, but it honestly didn't distract me.  If you are the kind of reader that can't get past that, maybe this is your time because this fun little novella is definitely worth the ride.
[Also, Maria Elena Sandovici, I love your art and your Pinterest pages. We haven't traveled to all of the same places (I have not been to Bucharest), but we've been to a number of the same ones and I definitely love your art.  I have an artist friend who just moved to Houston, who simply must go to your art store when you are open, I'll insist upon it. I am glad you did the tour; thank you for the chance to read your book in exchange for an honest opinion.]
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