#Readathon 10-22-16 7 Hours in, 4 hours read, 2 books read

The stars somehow magically aligned so that I can participate in a 24 hour #readathon, my first since the readathon I participated in which raised awareness for the National Book Foundation.  This one is Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon.

Why am I doing this?  Well besides because I love to read, because I really need to stay away from all that political social media.  And Yay, it's working!

7 hours into it, I've read 4 hours and 2 books.  (It's funny because I really feel that I have read 6 hours!!). That's all audio, so it takes longer, but they are short, so its all good.  And I'm about to take a break with a graphic novel.

Here are my thoughts thus far:

I was already reading this, so it was a quick finish.  My Life on the RoadMy Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This really spoke to me as a human being. It reminded me of how important Gloria's writings were to me in my younger days, particularly the Playboy Bunny peice and the whole book on self-esteem. This book is about travel, America, and all of the fringe elements it has to offer. Did you know that Taxi Cab Drivers are Best at predicting elections? I loved that it included a chapter dedicated to Wilma Mankiller. Texas figures big, too, in some surprising and not so surprising ways. How did I ever forget about what Gloria Steinem has to say? Well, I didn't. But I'm glad I now realize that.

Here are the possible books I'll read.  Not including the ones on my kindle and audible app.  Yeah, I know, I've left it wide open, but I don't like being hemmed in during off work hours. The coloring books are for when I am actually sitting down listening to audio, which so far I've been piddling around the house and haven't sat, so no #audioart yet.

And my first stat update. 

Working like a charm, do you see that?  0 Politics!  yay!  After my first book, I engaged in some suggested #spinepoetry for a break.  

This is called #spinepoetry and here is mine:

Behold the Dreamers
For the love
Being Mortal,
Under the Wide and Starry Sky
Let the Great World Spin
A God in Ruins

Undaunted, I plowed ahead to "Another Brooklyn," because I loved Jacqueline Woodson's "A Brown Girl Dreaming" so much.  It's good, but I think I'm the only one that it isn't speaking to like the other.  Maybe I just loved the other to high heaven so I'm having trouble adjusting. Here is my favorite quote from that book, which is about girls in Brooklyn and the things they encounter.

So, I think I am glad I read this, and I feel like I would not have without the Readathon, but at the same time, I didn't connect, which is probably why I didn't stick with it in the first place.  That brings me to my next Stat Update.  

And I'm off to a graphic novel, for a change of pace! 


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