December Giveaway, just for fun!

So, just for fun, in the spirit of another year of reading, I am hosting my first give away event.  

In November I went on a military book treasure hunt, and listed 4 books/poems from the WWI era that I read and loved, you will find that link to the side or right here: 

Now, just for fun, I am hosting a give away of either this coffee mug to the right (Famous First Lines)
 Or this fun book lover's coffee mug below (Banned Books):  

(Winner's choice, I have already ordered both of them)   

So, to WIN, simply be the first person who tells me the name of:

1.  The song  __________________;

2.  That was mentioned in one of the books reviewed in the link above (tell me the name of the book)  ____________________; and

3.  That was sung in Season Two of this currently very Popular TV Series (Name that TV Series) !  __________________________

So  you must give me all 3 answers to win.

Ready, set, go! 
(We'll work out the delivery details when you win)

Now, I will give hints if I have to, later on in the month, so if you have questions ask and as the month progresses I will answer them.  I do think there are a couple of you that could name the series right off the bat, and if you have paid as much attention as me you will probably get the song, but you may have to work a bit on the book, still it isn't all that hard.  

And, by the way, I purchased the mugs from a very cool book catalog called Bas Bleu .  
Check it out! I have loved it / ordered from it for a very long time.  And consider reading or listening to one of those books / poems, they are all short reads and quite satisfying. 


Sydney Young said…
Well, I am surprised, there is already someone very close to the answer!
song: If You Were the Only Girl in the World

book: I have to guess Birdsong

show: Downton Abbey
Sydney Young said…
AND, we have a winner, the lovely Cate Maxwell!!! I'll work out the details with you on the mug delivery. Thanks for playing all, some of you were VERY close!

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