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Its a strange mix of people, perhaps. But then again, maybe not. They all have something in common, and that is imagination. The power of creativity, and the ability to inspire it in others. It is also the people described in, or who will enjoy, Jonah Lehrer's new book: Imagine: How Creativity Works.

Imagine: How Creativity WorksImagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book explores creativity and invention, art and business. How did they come up with post it notes, "just do it," Toy Story, or Bob Dylan's lyrics? Why are creative people / environments important to business? How does suffering or failure create the artist and how do communities inspire? These are the types of things I learned from this book, which is written in a very active voice, so that it isn't ever boring.

My only criticism is that the last chapter fell a little flat for me as it just abruptly ended (perhaps because I wasn't quite ready for the book to be over). In that last chapter, the author seemed to jump to some pretty enormous legal conclusions about patent rights. Otherwise, the topics were well researched and presented, and are enlightening about a wide variety of things having to do with imagination and our use of it, whether in life or in business.

This book is still in hardback, but I hope you will put it on your summer reading lists. It spent a good amount of time in the Publisher's Weekly best seller list, and I notice that it is still on the audio best seller list. That is how I "read" it, by audio. I listen to most books now days, just because I rarely find time to sit still and think, except at work. Like any mom, I am often moving around "working" at home, most of the time doing things that require no thought but are solo tasks, things that take me away from conversation but leave me free to think. So I listen to books. I really enjoyed this one and think you will, too. If you are in business, if you are a teacher, if you are an artist, if you care about your community, if you want to inspire your children or others, read this book! You will be inspired.

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