Opera Zinger -- Jay Hunter Morris

Posting this review from years back on Goodreads, in honor of Jay's amazing singing and Master Class today. If you missed it, you missed out, but don't worry he's coming to Dallas next year about this time for Moby Dick. In the meantime, you should read his book. Order it on Amazon or get you a kindle edition. It will make you smile whether you have been to one opera or fifty (or even none).

Diary of a Redneck Opera ZingerDiary of a Redneck Opera Zinger by Jay Hunter Morris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is such a fun book.  Funny and inspirational.  Glad I read it.  I suggest it for anyone who loves performance arts, or for anyone who likes Texan humor (esp. about adventures mostly outside of Texas), for anyone who has ever dreamed big, and esp. for anyone with connections of any kind to Paris, Texas, where there are an amazing number of artists.

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