Why I've become an Affiliate with BookPeople in Austin

Last year, Hastings closed its doors in Paris, Texas.  Luckily, we have a great Public Libary  that carries new books and classics.  Unluckily for me, I'm not the world's best at returning or rechecking books on time.  And I'm not so great at getting on the waiting list for the books I want.  So I don't read every single book from the Library.

Recent selections at the Paris Public Library
I have a kindle, and I have kindle apps on my phones and tablets, and I can always read my kindle books on cloud.  I also listen to books on my ipod, or ipad, and phone.

BookPeople in Austin, Texas
 Even with all those choices,  I want a real book to read at all given times. But I am very scared of the possibility that soon there will be only one huge universal bookstore and ten authors who actually get published.  I don't like having to buy from one universal store as my only option for the books I want to purchase.  So I felt very lucky to visit BookPeople in Austin earlier this year where I was able to by a stash of books to last awhile.  Some, like the Hilary Mantels and The Iliad,  I had already read or listened to but liked them so much I needed them in hard form. 

BookPeople winter stack, from hotel view in Austin
The Amy Tan is a signed first edition!

I'm thrilled to announce that BookPeople in Austin has approved me to Affiliate with them on my book reviews on my blog.  This book store works hard at all the things bibliophiles and bookworms need to be able to get from their bookstores:  a great selection of hardback and paperback books, signed copies, author lectures, a coffee store and hangout place, clerks who know their books and the store, and who actually make recommendations, an online presence, and even a signed first edition club if that kind of thing floats your boat.  Perhaps most importantly, they don't just order and push the blockbusters.  I am convinced that it is because of indies that most authors even get published.

I'm in the process of converting my book reviews to all link to their online store.  Of course, all of those going forward will be linked for you.  I hope you'll consider buying some of your books through this great store, or maybe other indie bookstores.  Why does it matter?  Well, because without indie bookstores, there are basically one or two large companies making all of the choices for which books get pushed and which don't.  And I am concerned that just means that who ever spends the most money gets the most push, right? Be forewarned that when that happens, basically, the whole sky will fall. 

(For more on this line of thought, see this Huffington Post offering on independent bookstores.)

Maybe someday I'll retire (yeah right!) and run a cool indie bookstore in Paris, Texas.  Or maybe someone else will.  But until then, I'm happy to give you all links to books from  BookPeople in Austin.  And by all means, when traveling, please go visit them and other bookstores in person!

Here are links to the books in my winter stack:

I've loved Amy Tan a long time.  This book was a different offering from her, but is a worthy read.  True to its title, it is a new look at multicultural Shanghai, its courtesans, and the men who "love" them. 

(See below).

Bring Up the Bodies

Hilary Mantel jumped way up on my favorite author's list, and resparked my love of history with her political literary explorations of Henry VIII's lawyer, that infamous Cromwell, and his maneuverings to serve his king while keeping his head.  How often have you ever heard of anyone who won two Booker Prizes? 

I'm shocked I haven't read this yet.  Thanks to BookPeople, I will soon be able to.  I, Claudius, is named by many persons as the best historical fiction book ever written.  We'll just have to see about that!

A Year of Writing Dangerously: 365 Days of Inspiration and Encouragement

This is a daily offering, about a paragraph or so long, of inspiration on writing.  I love it and have about half of the pages dog eared so I can go back and refresh my writer's soul.  Rather than type out one of my favorite quotes, here is a picture of it, to entice you:

So remember, if you are interested in purchasing these right now, in almost any format, click the picture or hyperlinked title, and you can go shop BookPeople!


Dee Martin said…
I wish you WOULD open a bookstore! I love my kindle and also love "real" bookstores. Book People is one of my favorite places. I dream about a store that has coffee and wireless and comfy chairs, actual books as well as kiosks for ordering ebooks. I prefer to read fiction on my kindle but all others are just meant for leafing through and maybe leaving a pretty bookmark in to revisit.
Sydney Young said…
We can always dream, right? I never really love reading books on Kindle, but I like to have them for reference when needed, and I do like the highlight feature. Poetry is definitely to hold in your hand! As are all the books I love. I think I actually get attached to them.

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