These Women Surround Me, By Sherry Scott

Meet Sherry Scott -- one of the "V Girls." In other words she is participating in Paris Community Theatre's Off Plaza Production of Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues."  (For more info, see Soul Searching or purchase tickets here).  She is also a poet and the author of a book that I loved called "The Year My Mother Died: a Memoir."  (For more on that see -- Something New ).   As I just described in On Hot Pink Coats and Women  , we are re-experiencing the mystery of womanhood at practice.  After our last rehearsal, Sherry sent us this poem, which resonates our collective experience, both in our childhood and in our now.  We all loved it and know you will enjoy.
These Women Surround Me

Out of the depths they have
birthed me, ushered me
into their midst and have
never let me go

I sat at their table
and when I couldn’t eat
they made me tea and held my hand

Their touch upon my brow
brought me pleasure
validated me in ways
I never would have recognized
when young

Their words have saved me
from self undoing
They have loved me
as I could not
They have shared and caused
me not to be afraid

They believed when I didn’t
They stayed when I chose to leave
They welcomed me back time and again

They taught me to hear music
dance to the strains
encouraged me to pretend
never doubting I would find my way back

Off key, out of touch
blinded by love
they watched and did not speak
when I insisted on pain.

They speak to me from the grave
Their blood runs through my veins
The countless others known by face
or by name
urge me on
And while I remain surrounded by these
I surge forward
COPYRIGHT 2013, SHERRY SCOTT, used by permission. 


Dee Martin said…
Sigh....LOVE this Sherry!!
Kristi Young said…
Love this Sherry! Reminds me of my grandmother <3

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