Fun at the Library for Adults and An Illustration on Reading To the Future

Just a quick word to say that I had great time reviewing Home by Toni Morrison at the Paris Public Library tonight.  We will do it again in January, and thank you all who came! If you see this and live within my area, I'd love to review the book with your book club or literary organization, or I have an inspirational adult reading talk that I give.  The review is about an hour long, and the pep talk is about twenty or thirty minutes depending on your needs.  It is so good for us to read and talk about what we are reading! 

 Now, here is a reminder about why you might want to volunteer with Reading to the Future.  A simple 20 minutes a week of reading to the kids in your adopted 2nd grade class might create a love of reading in a child that  will change their life.  Show up Tuesday the 9th at Paris Coffee from 4 to 5:30 (come and go) to find out more.  And, bring your favorite children's book, and the Coalition will take a picture of you and your book for its Facebook page, which you can then tag!  It will be fun to see what all of our favorite children's books are. 

*Reading to the Future is sponsored by the Lamar County Coalition of Business, Education & Industry, RSVP, the Lamar County Literacy Council, and The United Way.


Ro Huizinga said…
Sydney, you will so appreciate this one.

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