June in Paris, Texas

June is almost coming to a close, and thankfully, I have been too busy to post. June in Paris this year has been delightful. I've been outside every chance I could get, as have many Parisians -- trying to soak it all in before it becomes as unbearably hot as we all know it will be.

(Photo courtesy of Mindy Maxwell)

Where is your summer leading you? Will you be traveling outside of Paris, or coming to Paris, or just staying here?

(Photo of Depot South, courtesy of Mindy Maxwell)

Many people like to come to Paris and the surrounding rural land, for its relaxing atmosphere of yesteryear.
(Photo of the Fountain courtesy of Mindy Maxwell)

Wherever you go, I hope you have safe travels. I hope you get some time to relax. I hope you put your cell phone down and get to have some good long talks with your loved ones. I hope you can laugh at those irritating, inevitable vacation disasters! And I hope you take a book with you and actually read it, you might just get a glimpse into your soul.

(Photo of Stained Glass Window in Paris, Texas, courtesy of Mindy Maxwell).

Wishing you and yours the true blessings of summer.


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