Lights, Action, Camera -- Paris, Texas style

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This abstract picture by Casey Ressler of downtown Paris is beautiful, bold and artsy. It reminds me that Paris, Texas has much to offer me in the form of artistic beauty, and this weekend was no different, thanks to Paris Community Theater, Paris Downtown Association, Greg Wilson, Judd Payne, Plaza Art Guild, and many, many more folks. (Thanks for sharing, Casey! Take some more!)

Look at these beauties who were on stage in the PCT "Wood" this weekend. I thought the girl with the red cape was Lilly Lewis, but turns out she was Little Red Riding Hood. And those delightful creatures behind her? They were part of the cast in Paris Community Children's Theater production of Little Red Riding Hood, directed by Laura Hutchings. Congrats on a great show, everyone! I'm sure it will be another great show this coming weekend. (Picture courtesy of by Cheri Lewis)

PCT and the Paris Downtown Association also brought us a screening of "Bernie," a quintessential East-Texas film staring Jack Black, Shirley MacLaine, and Mathew McConaughey. This showing gave us the beauty of art through laughter, as the audience rolled with all the witty "East Texas-isms." I'm ready to watch it again!
Congrats on a job well done to Parisian Judd Payne, who was part of the production team with Wind Dancer Productions, pictured here with his Dad, Bill Payne. And I have to mention Greg Wilson, whose monumental effort helped pull off this screening, as well as numerous behind the scene folks (you know who you are) and the Plaza Art Guild, who provided a post-movie wine and cheese social at the Plaza Art Gallery, such fun!

Finally, PCT and Director Pat Fowzer gave us the beautiful gift of music, through the Paris Community Choir production of "Celebrating Springtime in Song" on Sunday afternoon in the glorious downtown First United Methodist Church. My personal favorite was "A City Called Heaven," featuring Eva Williams as soloist. But the Phantom of the Opera Medley featuring organist Thomas Belew brought down the house! You can listen to the Phantom Medley on You Tube under the heading "Paris Community Choir Phantom of the Opera." (Photograph courtesy of Ben Fowzer).

If I had been able to be filled with any more beauty in Paris this weekend, I think I would TURN IN to Paris, Texas. OH! And this is what I just might look like! So Beautiful!

parispersonb copy

(Graphic Paris picture provided courtesy of Mindy Maxwell, thank you, you creative thing!).


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